Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

Well it is New Years Day, so Happy New Year everyone! I have been doing some cleaning up in my sewing area and trying to plan what to do next. I finally finished up my bias checked skirt which has been waiting for a hem and some handsewing around the lining and zipper for almost a year. It is a Burda plus-size pattern that was very easy and I even sprung for an ivory sweater to go with it.
Due to the skirt being on the bias I used Steam a Seam to stablize the edge of the hem and then top-stitiched. I was quite pleased with the results.

I have just a few hand stitches to finish up a dress I started back in early December. I am trying to finish a UFO for every one project that I start. Of course I tend to cut out multiple outifts and I don't finish them all before I start something new and there are also those things that are in various states of finish!

I have to make a new tote bag for work because even though the one I use everyday is still in good shape, but I just want something new I was thinking of the pattern below, I just have to get into my fabric and pick some out.